Yong Lanyi took the jade slips without finding any problems, and then swept them in with divine consciousness. But as soon as his divine consciousness came into contact with the jade slips, the jade slips automatically sent out a’bang ‘sound, and Yong Lanyi immediately offered a true yuan shield. But that’bang ‘did not do any harm, but simplified the jade in Yong Lanyi’s hand into something like a firework explosion, and soon the air flow of the explosion overflowed. But no one noticed that there was a dark light in the air flow that actively shot at the ring in Yong Yuer’s hand. Because all the people were attracted by the explosion of fireworks. At the moment when Pombo was sent out, all the people around him had already looked at this side. At this time, the jade slips in Yong Lanyi’s hands burst, and others could see them clearly. When no one knew what it meant, he heard a monk say, “Look at the sky.” With this cry, almost all the monks looked at the sky, but found that at this time there was a row of big characters above, ‘Yong Lanyi, you have fine skin and tender flesh, handsome and unrestrained. But Yong Wuzi’s face is as black as the bottom of a pot. It’s extremely ugly. How could it be produced by you? You must have known the reason, but you have a good heart, so I helped you out of this tone and destroyed your bastard. Don’t thank me,Iron Nail Making Machine, this is what I should do. A row of words stagnated in the air for a long time before they gradually dispersed. The monks who saw the typesetting wanted to laugh, but none of them dared to laugh. Yong Wuzi is not the seed of Yong Lanyi, all people can guess, but only one person dares to say it. This monk named Kui was not only interesting, but also kind enough to dare to say such a thing to Yong Lanyi. Or openly, doesn’t he know that there are too many things in the world that are more terrible than death for monks? It is strange that he can still live with such a provocation to Yong Lanyi. However, although this kind of thing is known to all,Coil Nail Making Machine, no one dares to talk about it. Yong Lanyi’s fist clenched and his throat was sweet. If it hadn’t been for his deep cultivation, a mouthful of blood would have spurted out just now. The people around him did not know whether Yong Lanyi was angry that he had killed his son or that Yong Wuzi was a bastard. Just when his eyes were on fire, he suddenly saw the ring in his daughter Yong Yuer’s hand. He was startled and immediately said, “Give me the ring quickly.” Yong Yuer did not dare to have any reluctance at the moment, hurriedly handed the ring in his hand to Yong Lanyi, the ring in the moment it left Yong Yuer’s hand, immediately burst out a terrible energy. Yong Lanyi was already a true monk. In a hurry, he also arranged a true yuan shield and threw Yong Yuer out at the same time. Bang, bang.. Boom.. There were several explosions in succession, and the sound burst from small to big, and the monks around the lower level were immediately swept away by the air waves. Fortunately, the explosion ban inside the ring was arranged in a short time, and it did not take long. Kui also knew that even if he spent a long time, Automatic Nail Making Machine ,Nail Making Machine price, he could not hurt Yong Lanyi. Although Yong Lanyi threw Yong Yuer out in time, it was only at that moment that Yong Yuer’s jacket burst open, revealing her white skin. Fortunately, Yong Yuer was not injured, and then he took out a new coat and put it on. At the same time, Qiao’s face was red with anger. When had she ever been so angry? After the explosion, Yong Lanyi only had a little messy hair and was not injured at all. But his anger could no longer be contained, and the guy who had said that he had offended the Princess of Tonghai and deserved to die had already begun to calculate him. Kui, I won’t kill you, I swear I won’t be a man. Yong Lanyi said it word by word, and his intention to kill spread all over Luoqu Shibapan Island. A monk in the Hall of the Sea immediately frowned when he saw this behind the scenes. Can make this kind of jade slips, even can hide in the jade slips under the control of divine consciousness, thus unlocking the ring next to the ban, this is absolutely not ordinary monks can do. This must have a few conditions to be able to, the first ban and array cultivation is far higher than Yong Lanyi, this is not the main, the main need to make this jade slips of the monks must have divine control skills, and divine powerful.
During the break at noon, I first sent a chapter to pass the time for everyone. As soon as everyone was happy, I cast a monthly ticket! …… Chapter 120 would you like to get naked? Entering the fifth set of the four-level array has been a bit difficult for Meng Qi, but it is like a leisurely stroll in the courtyard. .. Whether it’s an attack formation The siege array, the maze array or the illusion array, did not seem to be able to stop him. Even though Meng Qi knew that she was a master of the six-level array, it was beyond her expectation that she could pass through the fifth set so easily and enter the sixth set. Sometimes, she even wondered if she was now beyond the level of a six-level array master. What made her even more confused was how to make the thrust inside disappear? Although confused, but Meng Qi did not ask out. As a matter of fact, he had already reduced the speed as much as possible, and sometimes he had to stop and study the formation of Jing Miao when he met it. But even so, he and Meng Qi still went through the ninth set on the third day and came to the entrance to the tenth set. In the ninth set, there are already sporadic six-level formations. According to the experience along the way, I am sure that the tenth set must be six-level formations. At the entrance of the tenth plate, he did not enter, nor did he sign on the stone tablet, but sat down. Seeing this, Meng Qi followed him and sat on one side. Seeing that there seemed to be no intention of speaking, Meng Qi asked carefully, “Elder Martial Brother Ye, are you worried that we will be sent out if we enter the tenth set with a six-level array?” He smiled. “I’m worried, but that’s not what I’m worried about.” After a pause, he looked at Meng Qi and said, “If we engrave our names on the stone tablet of the ninth plate,nail manufacturing machine, what number do you think Hai Xiu Meng will get?” Meng Qi thought for a while before he replied: “I think if Hai Xiu Meng can pass the ninth set, it will be either the second or the third, and the first one will definitely not be obtained.” 。

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