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Although the hotel sector is centered on the guest experience, experience-related research is still underrepresented. This gap is crucial, especially in light of the sharing economy’s growing threat to the hotel business together with experience aspects.
The authors utilize structural equation modeling to examine two models with different conceptualizations of the dynamics of experience consumption in the lodging industry using data from a survey of 630 guests who stayed at a hotel or an
The model improves Pine and Gilmore’s (1998) original experience economy construct by highlighting the crucial role of the dimension of hospitability in facilitating positive experiential and brand-related outcomes, particularly in the context of the hotel. The model builds on the concept of the experiencescape from the branding, hospitality, and tourism literatures. Experience. (Hotels in the World – Travel + Leisure)

The findings underscore the necessity of using hospitality to build a competitive advantage in a continuously changing environment and have significant implications for the hotel industry’s strategic experience design ambitions.
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