The Fujita family leader winked at the angry Akiyama family leader and stepped forward to look at Fujita Naoxiu and said, “Naoxiu, anyway, the Akiyama and Fujita families have been friends for nearly three hundred years. Are you doing this now?” Naoxiu Fujita, who raised the pike in his hand, interrupted the Fujita master’s speech. Glancing at the corpse of Akiyamada on the ground not far away, he looked back at Fujita and sighed softly: “Actually, I don’t want to do this either, but this guy Akiyamada is really too ignorant of the current affairs!” Looked around the hall in a panic look at the crowd, the fundus emerged a few sad Fujita Naoxiu shook his head: “Things have developed to the present, no matter what our two families make to deal with, absolutely can not escape the result of the destruction of the family.”. After all, the Black Dragon Club is much stronger for both of us! “But Naosoo, how can we trust you?” A middle-aged man with good courage stood out, “just now Akiyamada said that not long ago, you were also the people of the Black Dragon Society.” Naoxiu Fujita nodded and raised his voice and said, “Yes, just half an hour ago, I almost died at the hands of some people in the Black Dragon Society.”. But fortunately, I didn’t deserve to die. Mr. Tojo of the Black Dragon Society saved me at the last moment. And the big killer in my hand is what he provided me, in order to prevent some people from being bad for me. When the words fell,radio shuttle racking, he paused a little on the body of the head of the Akiyama family. Out of the corner of his eye, the delighted Fujita raised his eyebrows and said, “Do you mean that the big shot of the Black Dragon Society who wants to incorporate my two families is Mr. Tojo?” “Not bad.” Fujita Naoxiu nodded, “master, since the situation is so, we can only face the reality.”. Moreover, the Black Dragon Society is not only the strongest in the whole Fusang, but also has a certain prestige in the world. Looking at the people one by one,heavy duty rack manufacturers, he said with a shining voice in his eyes: “Compared with the towering tree of the Black Dragon Society, our two families are like two insignificant grass. Only by sheltering under the big tree can we thrive and even grow into two big trees straight to the sky!” “Well, in fact, Naoxiu is also right, if it becomes a subordinate organization of the Black Dragon Society, at least some business associations will not dare to come to trouble our two families again.” “Hey, don’t say you’re here to trouble us. If we were all members of the Black Dragon Society, it would be our turn to trouble them!” “I haven’t thought about what will happen in the future, but if we submit to the Black Dragon Society now, we will never be attacked by them.” In this way, what we are facing now is a crisis, but in fact it is also an opportunity. If you really join the Black Dragon Society, I believe that in three years at most, the individual strength of our two families will be able to completely surpass the Young Dragon Society! “Hey hey, when the time comes, pallet rack shelving ,push back racking system, we must destroy it. No, we should let the people of the big village become our retainers. Let’s also enjoy the prestige of being the host family!” “Haha, this idea is very good, I like it!” Listening to the discussion of the two families around, the angry head of the Akiyama family found that public opinion had been completely biased towards submission to the Black Dragon Society. As for submitting to the Black Dragon Society, he personally felt that it was not a bad result. After all, the Black Dragon Club is powerful, and if you submit, the advantages outweigh the disadvantages. However, its dominant power should be in its own hands, not in front of the usual can only be overlooked by Fujita Naoxiu. The head of the Akiyama family, who had narrowed his eyes slightly, had a flash of resentment and jealousy in his eyes. Chapter 785 of the main text passed on something to her. On the green grass, Okawa Ryuki stepped down from the helicopter with a sullen face. Turning to look at Masako in the cabin, after a moment’s hesitation, he turned his eyebrows and explained in a deep voice, “Inform the blood guards and tell them they don’t have to rush over.”. Where are the two elders? Well, never mind. You don’t have to say anything. “Yes, my Lord.” Eye across a touch of doubt and puzzled Masako, Jiao voice should be after a sentence, buried in the computer keyboard crackle tapping up.
Looking up at the direction of the gate of the manor, I sensed the faint cold breath coming from that direction. Deep in my eyes, Dachuan Longqi slowly emerged, holding his fists tightly, and slowly loosened. Strength is not strong, it is not suitable for hard touch. Perhaps, the turn will be on Wei Wuji’s body. “He whispered softly in his mouth, and after a short breath, he stood proudly on the grass, looking straight at the direction of the manor gate.” Brother Dafan! Outside the gate of the manor, the golden sparrow reached out and pulled the corner of Chen Zhifan’s sleeve. His eyes rolled with blue light and he said softly, “Is that inside laid by you?” Some youth turns round to look at her to smile: “Oh, did you see?” “Well!” Nodded the golden sparrow eyebrow eyes curved excited unceasingly, “big fan elder brother, originally you also can that!”! Well, brother Dafan, can you teach me? “This and that. It’s just a formation. It’s not a big secret. There’s no need to be so cautious.” He shook his head and smiled carelessly. Later, looking at the slightly excited little face in front of him, Chen Zhifan raised his eyebrows lightly: “Little Jinque, are you very interested in the formation?” “Well!” Jinque nodded hurriedly. After pondering for a moment, he smiled slightly, and then a little purple and gold light suddenly escaped from the depths of his eyes. Big Fan elder brother, your eyes.. “has been looking at a young man’s golden sparrow, suddenly his face showed a few surprised look.” Mind to keep the mind, thinking without worries. “In the void of the divine sea, the purple and gold are flourishing. He whispered in his mouth and brushed his forehead with one hand.”. From an angle that no one else had noticed, a faint purple and gold light loomed between Chen Zhifan’s fingers. Clear spirit, quiet! After a low drink,asrs warehouse, he stretched out his hand and gently pointed to the heart of the golden sparrow with his eyes closed. A little more brilliant than the sunshine in the sky, purple and gold brilliance, quietly escaped into her eyebrows and acupoints.

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