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When I went through into the white light, it was blank for a while as I decided what image or setting I was going to create.I thought about the ‘loving’ place I had just come from and inviting Grandma for a quiet beer, but I didn’t need to worry as the garden scene from the previous session unfolded in front of me and there was my gran, in her late 30s, looking radiant.The garden was mainly an impression of one, but was very vibrant with lots of colours and Gran was picking big bunches of flowers.Then she placed them gently on the ground and invited me to sit on the grass with her.I could see why people who cross over just want to get on with things as that is the more ‘real’ aspect to their life.I asked Gran if she had reincarnated yet and how it worked.I got the impression of a yellow daisy.From that image I ‘unpacked’ information which translated to ‘each petal is a life experience yet it’s still part of the whole flower’.That is how I can communicate with her, while she has incarnated again.She also ‘showed’ me how she sends energy to her two daughters who are still alive who very much need some good energy.She almost waves sparkles of energy across their consciousness while they’re asleep.This is also to help them remember faster when they do eventually cross over.I seemed to go through the relaxation stage by myself quite well, feeling relaxed and ready to go further.I start at my favourite place/location and I notice I’m watching myself, from third person point of view, and see myself walk into the light to go to the other side.I then start the conversation with Gran in my head.I’m watching in third person as I see myself walking down the path to her house as it looked while she was alive and she greets me with a hug.I’m not feeling as much emotion as previous times.I’m dialoguing with her, but it still sounds like my own inner dialogue.I’m staying open and just noticing and watching.So I decided to call him and see if I could sense his energy.Instantly I was walking into a woodworking shed with the wood smell, and wood shavings on the ground.It doesn’t mean anything to me.I try to sense what he looks like but I can’t get anything definitive.I now see Gran and Grandpa arm in arm waving goodbye, indicating that I can come back any time.I was able to relax easily, not using the music, and I was quickly in the zone I guess.I had been thinking about making contact with Gran since waking up so I had set the intention.I’m at the ‘loving place’ and Gran is there and she holds my hand as we go into the light.I’m letting it unfold and removing all doubt and just letting my left brain take notes.I see clicking of fingers and sparks of light and ‘sense’ the presence of Gran.I wonder if my grandpa is there and I sort of sense him too.I’m asking what the time is like in the afterlife.I get an impression of sitting in the middle of a clock face, where time expands in all directions and all I need to do is look in different directions to see an event at any point in time.I’m practising sensing the energy signature of my grandpa for future connections and I do the same for Gran.I sense a light kind of healing happening and then I realise I’m opening my eyes.I feel good and am pretty confident that I’ve made a connection on their terms, not mine, which is what it’s all about.Afterwards my mind was swimming with questions and as always doubt and judgement were never far away, lurking in the shadows, ready to jump out and grab me.I couldn’t shake them.Even if I’d had a wonderful moment in a meditation where I ‘felt’ a deep connection, a few days later the voice of doubt would whisper in my ear and question the entire incident.It’s also a case of personal protection.I don’t think it would go down to well.So it was easier to allow the doubt to win over and keep anything hush hush.However, I guess I can’t do that anymore, seeing it’s public knowledge now.The final conclusion, the summary, the answer we’d all been waiting for is about to be revealed.But what if I came to a conclusion that I didn’t like or didn’t want?Would I be satisfied with that?So my application of ‘subjective science’ is just that, subjective, and understandably I’m sure I’ve subconsciously manipulated some of the outcomes.

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