However, in the towering waves, Yan Zisu’s purple clothes fluttered, riding on the waves against the wind, like fallen leaves swaying and flying, falling and falling. With a snow-white face and jade chopsticks, he gritted his teeth and cried, “Idiot, do you have to force me to say it?”? The villagers on the island were not killed by the people of the Poseidon Palace. I killed them all with poison! “Boom!” At that time, there was a sudden thunder in the clear sky, the wind roared and the waves roared. Chiyou seemed suddenly struck by lightning. His whole body suddenly stiffened. He looked straight back. He was angry, confused, sad, and sad. “What did you say?” He said in a dumb voice. Yan Zisu’s face was pale. Suddenly she was afraid and regretted, but the words were already out of her mouth. She simply shouted, “I killed them all!”! It’s not about Poseidon. I was afraid they would give us up today, so I killed them all while you were sleeping at dawn! Chiyou stood like a clay sculpture, looking at Yan Zisu in disbelief. His eyes suddenly burned with anger, his face twisted and ferocious, his fists clenched, and the bones of his whole body exploded. He gnashed his teeth and said, “Witch, they..” They saved us, they treated us like family, they were so kind, you.. You should bite the hand that feeds you. Trembling and incoherent. Under the grief and anger, the corner of the eye actually oozed blood and tears, two lines of blood twisted along the scar to flow through the cheeks, looking indescribably ferocious. Standing on the top of the waves, Yan Zisu swayed here and there. “Yes,” he said in a trembling voice, “I bite the hand that feeds me. But in this world, I only care about the lives of you and me. Whether you call me selfish or cold-blooded, I’m determined not to let anyone threaten us. “Shut up!” Chiyou roared. With fierce eyes and blue veins in his neck, he said, “I’m really blind. How could I be in cahoots with such a cold-blooded and heartless witch like you!”! I’m going to kill you and kowtow to more than six hundred ghosts! In the roar, it flew up from the iron and wooden boat, like a blue dragon dancing around, vigorously and vigorously. Yan Zisu eyes a flower, suddenly feel murderous face, frightened in the heart, want to avoid but already too late. A thought flashed through my mind: “Summon two minds to kill him!” But in a flash of lightning, he thought of his tragic death, and his heart was like a knife, and his body trembled. With tears in his eyes, he closed his eyes and looked up. “Kill me,” he said with a sad smile. Chi Youru was electrocuted and shouted, “That’s all!” Suddenly, it whirled and flew up into the sky, and the spiral True Qi in the palm of the hand roared with electricity, smashing the huge waves that swept and churned. Turned over and jumped back to the bow of the ironwood boat, roared up to the sky, like rolling thunder, the waves were easy, and the hurricane lost its voice. Chiyou roared more than a dozen times, and his grief and anger were slightly relieved. Kneeling down at the bow of the boat, he kowtowed three times in the direction of Baishi Island and shouted, “My fellow countrymen, this sorceress has saved my life several times. If I kill her, I will be ungrateful.”. Chiyou can’t personally take the head of this witch to apologize to you, but Chiyou must kill the demon dragon and avenge the dead villagers! He got up angrily and paddled with all his strength. All of a sudden, there was a sharp pain in my heart, and the “two minds” bit wildly, smart whiteboard price , like ten thousand arrows, and almost fainted. “I’ll never let you die for nothing,” said Yan Zisu in a trembling voice. The rage in Chiyou’s heart burned to the boiling point. Suddenly, he gathered the True Qi in his right hand. With a loud shout, he turned his hand into a claw and plunged it straight into his chest! Yan Zisu lost his voice and was almost overturned by the huge waves. Blood spurts, Chiyou sweats, grits his teeth and drinks loudly, bloodshot flying, abruptly pulled out his heart! The left hand trembled and inserted into the expanding and beating atrium, and like lightning, it clipped out the colorful armor “two hearts know” and suddenly smashed it! Yan Zisu felt a twitch and a sharp pain in her heart. With a loud cry, the True Qi suddenly dispersed and was swept into the waves by the wild waves. Tearful eyes, sadness, fear, regret, worry.. It was like the winds of the sea from all directions, blowing her unknowingly. In a trance, I saw Chi You hissing and roaring, sending his heart suddenly into the blood hole in his chest, sealing it with magic, and throwing the “two minds” heavily into the sea of anger.
Facing the wind and waves, he stood at the bow of the boat and squinted coldly at her. “From now on,” he shouted in a harsh voice, “Chiyou will never have anything to do with you again.” Yan Zisu “ah” to a murmur, colic in the heart, tears surging out, the whole body as if hollowed out in general, empty and painful. The waves were surging, and she had no strength, like catkins, like fallen flowers, floating right with the waves. I watched helplessly as Chiyou disappeared into the blue and white waves, listening to the sad sound of the waves, the seabirds crying, and my mind was empty, just repeating a burning and cold thought: from now on, she would be alone again. ※※※ The sun is in the sky and the sky is cloudless. The wind and waves on the west sea are getting smaller, the water and the sky are the same color, and the blue waves are boundless. Chiyou rowed for a long time, disliking that the iron and wooden boat was too slow to break the waves, so he simply carried it on his shoulders and flew against the wind and waves. When he was tired, he put down the iron and wooden boat and jumped into the cabin for a short rest. He was so angry that he cut out his heart and was seriously injured. Although he healed the wound with magic, his blood was still not very smooth. After running on the waves for more than half an hour, the villagers had already passed the place where the demon dragon appeared. As far as the eye could see, the sea was calm, seabirds were flying, occasionally dragon whales were spraying water, flying fish were gliding, and there was no movement. Disappointed, Chi You thought, “If the demon dragon isn’t here, where will he go?”? Yes, if they are really looking for us, they will probably go to the nearby islands to search for them one by one. Suddenly a Rin: “Is it true that the demon dragon has gone to Baishi Island?” Suddenly thought of Yan Zisu is still on the island, the heart suddenly a tight, cold, straight to return to rush back. Immediately he thought, “The sorceress has only herself to blame. I have nothing to do with her. Why should I worry about her?” Hate, hate, he thought. But the mind is full of Yan Zisu’s charming and nifty smile, lingering, more and more upset. The heart wound began to ache again. He exhaled, restrained himself, and muttered to himself, “He has seaweed and fish skin, evil spirit. I don’t believe you won’t show up.” At that moment, he laid the iron and wooden boat across the waves, put his arms on the back pillow, and lay on his back in the cabin, determined to wait here.

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