Rong Xue could not find the familiar figure at a glance, so he had to be with Shao Qi. Shao Qi raised his hand and stared at the time of the wristwatch for a while, then suddenly smiled: “I’ll change a magic for you.” “What?” “You close your eyes, I count down to one, and then you open your eyes.” “What for?” Rong Xue looked at him strangely. Close your eyes first. Rong Xue laughed and closed her eyes. Shao Qi’s countdown took a moment to begin. 10, 9, 8, 7, 6, 5, 4, 3, 2, 1 At the same time, accompanied by a loud bang, Rong Xue opened his eyes. As far as the eye can see, there are several Arabic numerals in 2007, which are composed of colorful fireworks soaring up in the air. Rong Xue finally understands why fireworks have always been synonymous with romance, which makes countless women flock to them. Because at the moment when the fireworks rise, the bright light makes all the darkness insignificant. Shao Qi’s voice rang in her ears: “Happy New Year!” Rong Xue bent her lips and smiled, turning her head slightly and looking up at him. His side face was colored by the light of fireworks, a little distorted, but also a kind of indescribable beauty. Her heart suddenly beat faster. It’s not that she’s young,artificial grass panels, it’s just that the night is so beautiful tonight. Chapter 28 going home. Because the night is too beautiful, just like fireworks, although soul-stirring, but also fleeting. Rong Xue did not take that emotion too seriously, even though the warmth and happiness that New Year’s Eve brought to her was enough to impress her. After the New Year’s Day is the final exam, in the end is a key university, the atmosphere of the exam so that only a little Qian also disappeared. By the end of the exam, students have left school to go home for winter vacation, and Rongxue’s days of working in school will begin again. Winter vacation is not like summer vacation,outdoor ficus tree, the number of people staying in school can be counted on one’s fingers, basically less than three or five days, the whole campus is empty. Moreover, the winter in Jiangcheng is very cold, and there is no heating equipment in the dormitory, which is the unique wet and cold in the south, and it can’t warm up in the quilt for half a day. And this time she worked from the afternoon to the evening, and she still got off work at ten o’clock. Because there are campuses nearby, it is quite lively at this time on weekdays, but in the winter vacation, it is a little scary. This is the fourth winter vacation of Rongxue University. Rao is used to coming back late. It is also a bit annoying to go back to school in the cold wind on the winter night. Cold and lonely. But the next day after work, he knocked down Shao Qi. He was dressed in sportswear, with earwires hanging from his ears and his mobile phone wrapped around his arm, saying that he was running at night. Then he sent Rong Xue all the way back to the dormitory. Rong Xue, of course, knew that he was doing it deliberately, cherry blossom wedding centerpiece ,silk olive tree, but if she refused his kindness, she would appear to be too hypocritical, after all, he did nothing. So silently accepted this good intention, after all, there are boys escorting at night, really a lot of peace of mind. So much so that she occasionally had the ridiculous idea that it might be necessary for someone like her to have a boyfriend. When she went downstairs for lunch the next day, the housekeeper stopped her and said that someone had put something for her. Rong Xue went to get it. It was a big paper box. When he opened it, he saw that it contained an electric blanket, a heater and a stack of warm babies. He didn’t write who sent it, but he knew it was Shao Qi. It has to be said that this cold winter is more warm than in previous years. Rong Xue is not hard-hearted, nor does she need love, but in the past 20 years of life, she can get too little, so she does not ask for it. She thought that a boy like Shao Qi was just a three-minute passion. The so-called love was cheap and short, but as time went on, she could finally feel his sincerity. No one did not like to be treated sincerely-even if the young man’s sincerity was always a little uncertain, it was probably just a mirage. Fortunately, the winter vacation lasted only two weeks, and she could finally go home to see her grandmother. On the day of Rongxue’s departure, it was snowing and very cold. She sat in the hard seat of an ordinary green car, the environment was very poor, the heating could be ignored, but fortunately it was only six hours, so it was not difficult. It’s just that she probably forgot to look at the almanac when she went out, and the train suddenly stopped in the middle of the journey. I thought it was just an ordinary adjustment in the snowstorm, but I didn’t expect to wait for two or three hours. The people in the carriage gradually became anxious.
The voice of the conductor sounded on the radio: “There is a landslide ahead. The train is suspended. Please wait patiently.” However, this patience gradually becomes long. Many short-distance passengers wanted to get off and change the mode of transportation, but there was no shop in front of the village, only a provincial road next to it, and few vehicles passed by, so they had to give up first. The heating in the carriage has been completely stopped, and the hot water is gradually running out. After a six-hour drive, Rong Xue only prepared a little snack, but he didn’t know that he would encounter such a bad thing. In the evening, there was no sign of the car starting, but there were villagers selling boiled eggs and hot water nearby. Although the price started from the ground, the passengers, who were as hungry and cold as Rong Xue, could not control so much. Rong Xue was going to buy something to satisfy his hunger, but when he took the bag, he found that his wallet was not inside. When he looked carefully, he found that the bag he carried with him had been cut at an unknown time. Just because of parking for too long, there was a riot in the carriage for a while, but it was the police who came to persuade him to calm down. This kind of green Pip Express passengers are mixed, and it must be that a thief just took advantage of the chaos to commit a crime. Although Rong Xue has always been cautious, documents and money will be separated, but this time suddenly become penniless, really want to cry without tears. When it was getting dark, seeing that there was no hope for the train to start for a while, some short-distance passengers got off and went to the provincial road to stop the train,outdoor ficus tree, probably because a nearby driver learned that the train was stranded here, and many cars came to solicit passengers. In fact, it’s a three-hour drive from here to Rongxue’s hometown town. It’s better to stay in a nearby town for one night and go home by bus tomorrow morning than to stay on a dirty and cold train for one night. This must be the case for many guests who leave for a short time. But she was so unlucky that she was penniless and went out alone. She really dared not take a ride casually. She could only sit in the car with long-distance passengers and continue to wait.

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