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Instead of looking at Wu Xiangdong, King Wu continued to ask, “What about Dingan?”. Here we go ?” Wu Xiangdong hurriedly said, “Father has been hiding in that little place called Narut.”. Around the island You can do it at any time as soon as you have news. “Mmm.” King Wu nodded and said nothing more. Chen Han’s words were still.. I can’t believe it He believed that Chen Han had the ability to save himself, but it was hard to say whether he would really save himself because of his enmity with the Wu family. He valued the island of Narut so much that he would control it. Once the research on things there was successful, Chen Han would definitely go there, or someone would come out, and then he could control it and force Chen Han to cure himself. Once he was cured, he would really be able to stand at the peak. King Wu has always been.. They are all strong people in the late stage of heaven. However, he also knew that there were several people who were at the top of their ranks. Forty years ago, the one of the Ning family, who had made great achievements in his kungfu, had warned himself once when he wanted to attack and assassinate the disciples of the Dragon Family cruelly. And the Liao family, if not for his support, I’m afraid the Liao family would have been missed by other families, the reason why the dragon family can be beaten like that, is because the dragon family has not been beyond the peak of the late Tianji. Chen Han, no matter what tricks you play, even if you are Sun Wukong,large artificial blossom trees, I am also the Buddha, and I can control you in the palm of my hand. At this time in a five-star hotel in Changhai, Chen Han and Henry are eating happily. Two people asked for a table of dishes, even the head waiter is a little worried, after all, this table of dishes need more than fifty thousand yuan, although Henry and Chen Han are foreigners,artificial banyan trees, but now this age, foreigners cheat to eat and drink a lot. The manager asked carefully, such dishes need to be paid first, ask this kind of words are also very careful, after all, at this time Henry and Chen Han have just turned over three martial arts schools, especially Henry, inadvertently revealed the momentum is also amazing. The cash had been handed over to Henry when they came out, and Henry threw a pile of ten thousand dollars directly to the foreman. Close the door, Chen Han and Henry two people while eating while chatting, two people’s purpose is very clear, to eat up enough for eight or nine big men to eat. Although Henry and Chen Han sat on a wine table to eat, but P shares only touched a corner, more like riding a horse squatting crotch type of eating, artificial cherry blossom trees for weddings ,cherry blossom wedding centerpiece, Chen Han saw in the eyes has been too lazy to say him, anyway, Henry’s strength, even if that has been squatting is no problem. After eating about 80%, Chen Han raised his glass to signal Henry to drink. Henry hurriedly raised his glass with both hands and immediately said, “I’m dry. You can do whatever you want.” “Oh..” A pastoral voice sounded in their ears: “Henry, did you invent this yourself?” After Henry drank the wine, he said hurriedly, “No, my Chinese teacher not only said some rules that must be obeyed, but also mentioned some details of life. He said that drinking with leaders and masters should be like this.” “Oh..” With a faint smile, Chen Han took a sip of wine and said, “These are minor details. Don’t worry about them. You’ll be ready from now on.”. As a matter of fact, I’m not sure what kind of pursuit we will provoke from the three families with the strength we show. If there is a strong man in the late stage of the sky, then I will resist you and try my best to escape. The escape route has been told to you before. If the other side is too strong, we will give up the first hunting plan and use the second sea area plan to escape from the sea according to the method I taught you. Chen Han teaches people things, there will never be any hidden, as long as you can learn, as long as you can eat, he will teach. Although Henry’s body is strong enough and does not need to go to the bottom of the sea to practice, Chen Han has taught Henry how to use the spiral strength and the advantages of the five-level constitution in the sea. Mmm. Henry nodded to express his understanding: “The three games just now were not satisfying at all. I hope the following games will be more satisfying.”. But just don’t get too excited.
” Chen Han smiled and did not say anything, his heart is only 60% sure, if the three ruthless or have any other ideas, there is really a day of late strong, then things can only stop here, Chen Han is also want to fight with the day of late strong, but this is no way to carry out the hunting plan. His goal was to take this opportunity to hunt down the backbone of the three families, and if they missed it, they would not be fooled again, at least not easily. Brother, report the latest news. “Tian yuan said happily,” I have just contacted Niu Yong and Longquan. They are all dumbfounded now. I didn’t expect you to do this kind of thing directly. Also, Niu’s Martial Arts School has fallen out with the Internet and the major media. Although there is no clear version, some students use mobile phones to record the battle scenes. And what some reporters have seen has been uploaded. After hearing this, Chen Han thought about it and said, “Tell Niu Yong that they should be careful when I’m not here. Invite the masters of the Lei family to Niu’s Martial Arts School. Let’s get together.” Because Chen Han talked to Thunder once in advance, and also to cheer for Niu’s martial arts school, so Lei’s martial arts school in Changhai has two strong people in the middle of the day and one in the early stage of the day, if the three of them concentrate on Niu’s martial art school again, plus the five who have recently reached the early stage of the day, and then Niu Yong, Longquan and Long Aojun. The strength of the Niujia Martial Arts School has the ability to protect itself even in the face of the strong people in the late stage of heaven. As a matter of fact, Soong Tzu-wen was very clever in this move. He put the three families next to him,artificial grass panels, which was equivalent to putting an explosive bag beside him. As the struggle between the Niu Family Martial Arts School and the three families escalated, the explosive in the explosive bag was increasing, and sooner or later it would explode.

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