Seeing that he wanted to run away, Tian Qi was not willing to let him go. Holding a gun in both hands, he snapped, “Guo Zhun, where do you want to run?” Although Guo Zhun was retreating, the muzzle of his gun never left Tian Qi’s head. Hearing the latter’s cry, he braved the terrible light in his eyes and said in a ferocious voice, “Boy, you and I have no quarrel. This time you let me go, and neither of us will be all right. Otherwise, before I die, I will kill you first!” As he spoke, his fingers moved the outward hammer of the pistol, and if he pulled the trigger lightly again, the bullet would be fired. Tian Qi was afraid, but his face did not show it. He also saw that the situation on the court was dominated by his own side. As long as he could delay time and wait for Liu Bo to get all the people of the Tiger Gang, Guo Zhun could not fly even if he had wings. With a sneer, he removed the hammer of the pistol and said, “Guo Zhun, let’s shoot at the same time. It’s not certain who will die and who will live.” “You really want to fight me to the death..” Guo said angrily. His voice has not yet fallen,non standard fasteners, with a muffled sound, Guo Zhun gun wrist suddenly sprayed a cloud of blood fog, the gun also fell to the ground. Guo Zhun cried out in pain and rolled on the ground with his shot wrist in his arms. At this moment, a dark shadow ran to Guo Zhun at a high speed. The gun in his hand was also against his head. At the same time, he said in a cold voice, “Don’t move. Move again and break your head!” Not far away, Tian Qi looked up and breathed a sigh of relief. The gun he picked up was slowly put down. It turned out that the dark shadow was one of the brothers in the dark group. He breathed heavily and said,Stainless steel foundry, “Brother, don’t kill him. Catch him alive!” “Well!” The member of the dark group nodded and half crouched down, trying to subdue Guo Zhun. But just then, there was a cold shot in the park. Before Tian Qi could figure out what was going on, the member of the dark group shook his body, his knees were weak, and he knelt down on the ground. Tian Qi looked down and found that the knee of the brother in the dark group was pierced by a bullet, and blood flowed down his trouser leg. Ah Tian Qi could not help but cry out, but did not wait for him to turn his head to see who was shooting in the park, ‘whoosh’, when the bullet flew, the harsh whistling sound rose again, with a muffled sound, the whistling sound suddenly stopped, metal stamping parts ,deep draw stamping, and then look at the head of the dark group kneeling on the ground fiercely backward, a blood arrow spurted from the back of the head, and then, the body fell back straight. Till death. His face was still blank. It’s too soon. It’s just a blink of an eye. One of his elite brothers, who was in a mess, turned into a straight corpse. Tian Qiyuan intended to stand up and immediately fell down. I was stunned for a moment. With scarlet eyes, he shouted to Liu Bo and others across the street, who were walking towards him this time: “There are still enemies.”. There are still enemies in the park. With his shouts. Gunfire broke out in the woods of the park. The sound of the dense shuttles of the swish swish made the hearts of everyone present shrink into a ball. Fortunately, Liu Bo and the remaining two dark group brothers reacted quickly. After being prompted by Tian Qi. Get down now. Avoiding the opponent’s first volley. As Liu Bo said. Guo Zhun’s men are indeed more than a dozen people on the surface. There is still a batch hidden in the dark. It’s just that the number of these people is not large. But they are all experienced with guns. It can be called profound marksmanship. At this time. They hid in the woods of the park. Under the cover of the darkness of the forest and the trees. Liu Bo and others at the gate of the park launched a series of shots. Liu Bo and others were so suppressed that they dared not look up. Tian Qi said. He sighed to himself. At this time, they could not expect Liu Bo to rush to save themselves. Thinking. He grabbed Li Xueruo’s arm back. “Miss Li,” he said hurriedly. Go. Walk quickly Talking. It doesn’t matter whether Li Xueruo heard her own words or not. Drag Li Xueruo by force. Go all out. Crawl across the street. Now. On the contrary, the injured Guo Zhun recovered a little. He was shot once in his right wrist. Sub-DAN. The impact almost shattered his wrist bone. The sharp pain irritated every nerve in his body. The pain made him shiver all over. He held back until Tian Qi pulled Li Xueruo to flee across the street. Guo Zhun’s bloodless face squeezed out a smirk. His right hand was completely worn out. With his left hand, he grabbed the pistol that had just landed on the ground. Catch. Lean on the ground with the right arm of the hand. Get up with difficulty. His left hand trembled and aimed at Tian Qi’s back heart. Though his hands trembled violently.
But at such a close distance. It’s not easy not to hit. As soon as his finger was about to pull the trigger. Crouching in the middle of the road, Liu Bo suddenly saw his action, trembling in his heart, too late to aim, throwing his hand is a shot. This is not aimed at a shot in the shoulder of Guo Zhun, although not hit the vital point, but the impact of the bullet or let Guo Zhun owe up the body and fell back to the ground, wrist pain, shoulder pain, so that already in a crazy state of Guo Zhun more crazy, it seems that even the last trace of reason has disappeared, he lay on the ground weak, but his mouth is not idle. “Kill them!” He screamed! I’ll kill them all! Tian Qi heard a cry like a ghost howling behind him, but now he can’t control so much, he just wants to live, and he didn’t look back, pulling Li Xueruo to climb faster. While the two sides were still engaged in a fierce gunfight, a white van came quickly on the road, which was the one that had just been driven away by the brothers of the dark group. When the bus came near, the door opened and a young man inside poked his head out and waved to Liu Bo again and again. “Brother Liu, go!” He said. Liu Bo fired blindly at Quan Lin and shouted to the young man in the car, “Cover Brother Tian and Miss Li first!” At this time, Tian Qi and Li Xueruo had not yet crossed the road, but when they saw their own vehicles, they finally saw hope. Tian Qi pulled Li Xueruo to speed up, used both hands and feet, and got directly under the van. Then, under the pull of Liu Bo and several dark brothers, they came out from the other side. Finally returned to his own camp, and before he could breathe a sigh of relief, with the crisp sound of clatter, several windows of the van were smashed by flying bullets. Liu Bo pushed Tian Qi and Li Xueruo into the car. At the same time,deep draw stamping, he followed them and shouted in a deep voice, “Go!” After all the members of the dark group got on, the driver stepped on the accelerator and drove the car out at full speed.

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