Under the feet, there was a sudden violent vibration, so violent that all the crowded people could not help falling to one side. In panic, there were cries of fear and loud roars everywhere, as well as cries of pain from all sides. In the crazy crowd, I don’t know who fell down and was trampled to death in pain and fear. Gui Li’s eyes were bloodshot, his mouth was dry, and there was even a slight feeling of dizziness in his mind. What was waiting for him in front of him? Baguio. He shouted desperately in his heart. Finally, as the crowd squeezed through the passage, the ghost Li turned at a fork in the road. There was quite a distance between the ice stone room and the ghost king’s stone room. Now just turn back along this road and go forward to the end. However, the ghost Li body just can turn around, look forward, the body one, the face has a bit of despair. On this road, there were countless disciples of the Ghost King Sect crowded together and rushed out desperately. Although the ghost Li was slow on the road just now, he was still moving forward, but at the moment he was going against the stream of people. Looking at the faces of people who were almost crazy because of fear, the ghost Li’s heart sank. People continue to flee in madness and despair, while behind the crowd, in the lonely stone room, how are the Iraqi people, have they ever been hurt by stones? Did she see a man shouting in the crowded crowd, rushing desperately against the current with a kind of madness similar to that of the fugitives around her,spill plastic pallet, approaching the ice stone room where she was? Boom! A loud noise exploded behind the crowd, and under the violent tremor, a huge crack in the stone wall, like a broken watermelon rind, collapsed and cracked, and one of the boulders, almost the size of a whole passage, fell into the crowd. In a flash, blood flashed,plastic pallet manufacturer, blood splashed, more than a dozen people died in this way, the injured did not know how many, and in the shock, the more frightened crowd rushed forward desperately, and was blocked by huge stones to escape the way, behind the rocks of the frightened people, issued a cry of despair. Under the boulder, flowing with bright red blood, dyed a large area of land. The breath of despair filled the crowd, people desperately pushed the huge stone, but the hard and huge rock was beyond their ability to shake, still cold and motionless. The earthquake around and the loud roar in the distance, with the smell of death, seemed to be getting farther and farther away. At this moment, the person closest to the boulder suddenly felt a cold air coming from the front, drum spill containment ,plastic pallet supplier, and after a moment, a continuous violent burst burst out of the boulder. Boom! With a loud noise, the huge stone was shattered, and large pieces of rubble fell from the flying smoke and dust, but people were ecstatic, where could they manage so much, and they had to lift their feet and continue to rush forward. Cough, cough.. A slight cough came from behind the flying smoke and dust in front of him. A figure seemed to stagger slowly. The dust fell on his face and shoulders, but he did not reach out to wipe it. In his pale face, there was a strange flush that was too laborious. Ghost Li. He was greeted by a pair of surprised eyes, but no one thanked him. Before everyone felt it, their minds had been occupied by the idea of fleeing again. The crowd was moving foolishly. The people in front of them had already run over, and the crowded scene was about to happen again. Stop! A deafening shout suddenly came from the mouth of the ghost Li standing in the dust, and the people in front of him suddenly stopped. At this moment, the so-called vice-suzerain status of the ghost Li could no longer restrict them. What they could fear was the same threat of death. The man with blood-red eyes held the “devouring soul” in his hand, and the “devouring blood beads” were shining with bloodshot light. It was running to the extreme that the cold killing intention came like the tide, and the same cold words came from him.
“If anyone dares to stand in my way again, the stone just now will be the end!” The crowd was shocked, the smoke that was still rolling made everyone believe in the danger of the ghost, and his eyes with crazy blood red light, people can not ignore his threat, quietly, the crowd in the crowded passage to give him a narrow road, only to allow one person to pass is too small, but it is the limit. Gui Li said nothing more. He strode away, squeezed into the crowd, and ran in the direction of the Ice Stone Room. Ahead, at the end of the crowd, there was a man waiting for him. In any case, he must go there! He clenched his teeth tightly, his lips were already bleeding unconsciously, and he looked a little terrible. No one around him was willing to look him in the eye, and everyone thought he was an evil ghost. But the ghost Li did not care at all, he just ran hard, pushing away every deep and shallow person, along the small and narrow path that seemed to be submerged by the crowd at any time, striding and running upstream. In this world, how many people are worth really caring about? Suddenly, in the depths of the ground, there was a loud thunder again. Moments later, another violent earthquake hit. The stone walls trembled violently. Large rocks fell one after another and hit the crowd mercilessly. There were people crying everywhere. In a twinkling of an eye, the violent tremor almost made people unable to stand. People were everywhere. If you like this book, please go to Liancheng Book League to vote for me. I don’t know who suddenly cried out in great fear and rushed forward recklessly. After a moment, all the people did the same thing, completely forgetting the other dangers. In front of the already precarious path, suddenly turned into nothing, countless people swarmed, turned into a terrible torrent, immediately wrapped the ghost Li in it, desperately rushed to the other direction. With a loud roar, the ghost’s eyes were about to crack, and his whole body was full of killing intentions. His left hand suddenly stretched out,plastic pallet box, like carrying a chicken, and immediately grabbed a fleeing disciple of the Ghost King Sect and pulled him in front of him. At the same time, his right hand was raised high to kill him.

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